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Annual Report 2015

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Catchment Area

Our local catchment area is within the boundaries of Euston Road to the north, Kingsway to the east, the Strand to the south and Regent Street to the west.

Map of Central London Law Centre catchment area

Larger version of catchment area map

If you live or work within this catchment area for employment and immigration advice or if you live within this area for housing advice, please call us to speak to an adviser. They will then tell you whether we can help and when, if need be, to come in and what information you need to bring with you. Many problems can be solved just by a phone call.

If you are not within our catchment area visit www.lawcentres.org.uk to find your nearest Law Centre.

We also provide telephone legal advice across London where there is no other advice service available.

Or search our Useful Contacts section which includes some advice services in other areas.



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Advice Catchment area Law and advice centres