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Annual Report 2015

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Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

This Law Centre (staff and managers) is committed to the principles of equal opportunities and anti-oppression, both in the services it provides to users and in its own practices within the Law Centre.

There is a comprehensive written policy document, which is reviewed at least annually.

The Law Centre recognises that in this society groups and individuals have been and continue to be oppressed and discriminated against on the grounds of their race, nationality, ethnic origins, language, gender, marital status, responsibility for dependants, physical or mental disability, appearance, religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation or class.

We will not advise anyone who expresses oppressive views about any person with regard to the above.

The Law Centre promotes equality of access to the law to protect people's rights to live or work without discrimination or harassment.

The Law Centre recognises that passive policies are ineffective in combating discrimination and oppression. It will therefore positively seek to ensure that oppressed groups and individuals are not disadvantaged by its provision of services and that such groups are adequately represented within the staff group, and on the Management Committee. The Law Centre will actively assist oppressed groups and individuals to use its services.

We will not advise clients who behave in a violent or threatening way.



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